Top 7 ground breaking songs you’d love to hear

Adele- (Send my love)


This song has been sung by a British singer Adele from her Album 25.XL.

It has been written by Adele herself, Max Martin and Shellback and has been released as one of the third single hits from her album. It has been doing really well in terms of performance and high ranking. And has been receiving great appreciation from all over the world. So don’t wait and get it downloaded in your i-pods or mp4’s.

The Chain smokers- (Closer)


Closer has been vocalized by Halsey from the duo American hit band “The chain smokers”. It was produced by the chain smokers themselves and premiered on the US Billboard on the 9th spot. It has been doing a remarkable job in The US and Australia gaining huge popularity and appraisal.

The Chain smokers- Don’t let me down f.t Daya


Once again we’re talking about the chain smokers. Well this song has been both produced and composed by DJ Duo the Chain smokers. It’s a dance, pop and an Electronic dance music genre. It also features the vocals of Daya an American singer. It’s a perfect hip hop dance song and has been rocking the billboard of US and ranked among the top 10 songs internationally.

Major Lazer- Cold water


The major Lazer group popular for their Electronic music recorded this popular song for their fourth album, Music is the weapon. It also presents the vocals of Justin Bieber and MO. It has acknowledged enormous ovation from the critics and is grossing success among different charts around the globe. You sure don’t want to miss this one.

Justin Timberlake- Can’t stop the feeling

This song has been vocalized by Justin Timberlake as a sound track for the upcoming comedy, musical animated movie Trolls. It happens to be an energetic, jazzy, blissful song released in 2016 winning the hearts of so many. It has not only gained huge admiration universally but also topped the music charts of France Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Venezuela, Scotland, Israel, Sweden and many more. Being a fun loving, pop dance song it has become Timberlake’s fifth number one singles on US billboards. It sure is a hilarious track.


Calvin Harris- This is what you came for f.t Rihanna


This song features Rihanna and happens to be an Electronic dance music by Calvin Harris. It is a mid-tempo song written by Calvin Harris as well as produced by him. It is yet another hit song after the popular track “We found love” from the album Talk that talk. With high acclamation, the song stood on the sixth place of the US Billboards.

One Dance- f.t Drake & Kyla


One dance features the vocals of a British singer Kyla and a Nigerian artist Wizkid from Drake’s fourth Album “Views”. It was released in April 2016, and is a Dancehall type song. The song topped and received great popularity in different countries like Australia, United Kingdom, Spain and France etc.

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