Objects We Didn’t Expect To Melt Like This

Fire leaves its mark behind, if it goes to jungle then the whole forest will burnt down through a single flame. If a human body catches fire then it leaves scars and burnt spots on your body.

So it have a huge impact. It’s not just on some objects, the effect will occur on some other objects too which are closer to the effected objects.

Obviously there is a point in life comes when we are not doing anything and feeling bored while sitting on couch and keep thinking that maybe I should melt this spoon or something which is extra in your house. Yes everybody does think like that.

Check out melted items which we (at least I wanted to do it for once) wanted to do it just to see what happens.

Tell us your melt story and will share it.

House melt.

Check out this melted house it looks like a creamy cake but the fact is it is plastic which is melted due to overheat.


Once upon a time, this was a TV.

Well be careful you out there it can happen to anyone. Same like Samsung Note 7.


These Melted Shoes

The company will be in a lot of trouble after seeing this. Not a good product.


When it gets really hot, sometimes objects can melt into each other.

It’s obvious when there is a plastic and you lock it with chain then obvious it will happen eventually.


When these power lines came down, they took the road with them.

First thank God there were no passenger on the roam at that moment or else things have gone worse. Look how amazingly powerful these power lines are.


Melting clocks.

How cool is that clock looking in a melting shape. Weird but looking good.


This melting car

What on earth is that material? Is it because of heating or something else is going on with this car.


It’s kind of a mystery as to what’s melting this flower pot. 

So what could go wrong with this pot, any idea? Is it because someone did this on purpose or happened accidentally.


You’d never guess it, but this used to be a plastic plate.

This happened when you put a plastic plate in an oven for a long time.


What’s wrong with this one?

Go home spoon you are drunk.


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