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Want to make this Christmas even more exciting? Then book yours tickets right away because Walt Disney Animation picture presents a 3-D animated, comedy, adventure, music and fantasy film “Moana” from the creators of Frozen and Zootopia. The story revolves around young Moana, the daughter of a chief from the Polynesian tribe is chosen by the ocean to find a precious object to protect her people. Moana then sets off to find a Legendary Demi-god Maui and together they come across incredible sea creatures and fantastical places. She finds her journey amusing and adventurous at the beginning but soon starts encountering great obstacles in her way.

The Boss baby


Dream Works Animation film presents The Boss Baby, an upcoming 3-D animated, comedy, family film which is to be released in March 31, 2017. In this hilarious film you will get to meet the most unusual suited, brief case carrying baby who is adopted by the Templeton’s. Tim on the other hand, jealous of his new comer brother, soon finds out that baby boss he is on a mission to knock out all puppies who receiving more affection from parents as compared to babies. This manly voiced baby boss teaches other neibourhood babies to start hating puppies and getting closer to their parents. Soon, Tim joins hands with his baby brother to save their parents and to restore love that was being conquered by the puppies.

The Girl on the Train


The girl on the train is a mystery, thriller drama that revolves around an alcoholic girl and her post-divorce life. She would take a train every day to get to work in New York and that train would pass her old house every day where her ex-husband had started living with his new wife and child after cheating on Rachel. Alone and shattered, she would try to kill her pain by observing a couple, Megan and Scott Hipwell who lived a few houses away from her. Deserted from her own life, she started fancying their perfect relation by making a wonderful dream life for them in her head. But one fine day, she sees something dreadful as the train passes by leaving her in outrage. Next morning, she wakes up in horror and jolts, finds couple of wounds on her body yet unable to remember what exactly happened last night. The TV reports soon unveil that Megan Hipwell has gone missing. On knowing this, Rachel gets involved in Megan’s investigation and encounters several thrilling, frightening turns in her way.

A Dog’s purpose


A dog’s purpose is a 2017 comedy, drama film and a novel written in 2010 by W. Bruce Cameron, an American humorist. This heart touching film chronicles a dog’s journey that experiences several reincarnations. This dog with three other puppies are born to a feral dog who tries best to keep them hidden in a den and trains them how to scare the humans but unfortunately get caught and are placed with other dogs in a  fenced-yard. This is from where his life begins meeting different people. In each reincarnation, the dog tries to find out about his purpose in life and learns something new and different. Most of all, love, amity, loyalty and kindness is what he had learned the most and had surely become an important part of his life. In the end, matured and gratified, he realizes that he has fulfilled his purpose.

The beauty and the beast


Walt Disney Animated pictures presents a 1991, most remarkable and watched, cartoons of Disney, “The Beauty and the beast” to once again hit the screens in January 2017 but with a new approach along with truly amazing characters. The film focuses on an arrogant, cold hearted prince, who has lived a life of hate and smug gets cursed by a magical power who turns him into an ugly Monster as a punishment of his pride and for imprisoning a beautiful young girl in his palace. The only way to break the spell and become a prince once again is to learn to love the girl named Belle and win her love back before the fall of the last petal from his castle.

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