Mind blowing Technologies that will soon become conventional


Technology is an outstanding art that keeps on growing year by year. From simple phones to mobiles, androids and other remarkable astounding devices like a TrackR or smart watches. It is no doubt changing the world with absolutely unbelievable inventions. Some of them that happen to be listed below will undeniably stun you.

Smart houses


Smart houses are so smart that you’d actually feel like living in another world or perhaps a Martian though. It’s true. Because this one’s no ordinary house. It’s a house with technical devices and gadgets connected everywhere. For example, the washroom mirror might just show you your reflection but it’s all computerized from the back end. In short, it’s a computerized touch screen through which you can control various tasks and watch live TV, News channels etc. Today smart appliances are available in every house. In fact they work extra smartly and reliably like refrigerators, air conditioners, oven etc. But they all are going to be seen manipulating otherwise in near future. All of the appliances will be integrated into a complete home unit and likewise you’ll be able to control them through your smartphones, computers or tablets. Like switching to another channel, turning on the AC or changing the thermostat etc. So cheer up because now there will be no getting late for work or looking after the oven.

Next generation Virtual reality gaming l


Virtual reality gaming is where a person gets inside a 3-dimentional environment or a game through a certain high based technology and interacts with the gaming world. Game lovers, fans and most of us know well about an Oculus Rift that happens to be a VR headset and takes you to the inside the gaming world. There are different kinds of oculus. Oculus Rift earphones, Oculus touch etc. There will come a time in prosper when you’ll be able to buy one of these handsets freely. Carry them anywhere and watch, view or play anything you prefer. Sounds amazing!

Screen less displays


 This tremendous high-tech invention will make you go “whoa”. Screen less displays display things without a screen. Scientists have been working on this ground breaking technology since a couple of years and are expected to do ample progress in the upcoming years. In near future, screen less displays will not only be used for entertainment. In fact, it would act as a great source of merriment for people with vision problems leaving behind laser eye surgeries. Applauses to the future we hold.

Robots will work like us


In the world of future where technology will be at its peak, Robots will be seen performing manly tasks. But this won’t work for all kinds of Robots. Instead, the very special, reliable and smart robots will be selected for this purpose. For example, handling assembly lines or performing labor work that humans find hard to do. Moreover, Robots will also be seen performing surgeries on humans controlled by a doctor or Engineer. A lot of Robots have been designed and created with great minds over a couple years and more are expected to be made in future.

5G mobile data


Technology doesn’t stop. In fact it will never. Because man has been putting huge efforts since decades and wants to make more and more. Likewise, 2G, 3G and 4G have been working phenomenally providing ease and accessibility to the users from all over the world. Meanwhile, it has been learned that 5G is being researched and will make a huge toss and turn in the next years to come. And this won’t even take any longer because it took a decade or two when 3G was defeated by 4G. So fingers crossed guys.

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