Meet the most compassionate animals of 2016

Rescuing the wild


Doug Pojek, an animal rescuer had a touching reconsolidation with Gigi, a loving horned owl. She was suffering from a huge head trauma when they brought her to the Heart Rescue Centre in Mississippi. They said that the poor wild bird was hit by a car and was near to death. The rescuer tells with abundant emotions that after a detailed treatment she started getting better and was sent to visit its family in Michigan. On its return, the owl was so happy and thankful that she started dancing with merriment and hugged the rescuer with all the love and gratefulness to bringing her back to life. These brought tears to his eyes leaving him speechless thinking even the wild have hearts too.

Kindest dogs therapy special children


It is said that dogs are doing a phenomenal job in helping the kids with therapies at Ohio children’s hospital. There’s a dog named handsome who happens to be deaf but understands American language cheering the special kids. Likewise, there is Gracie who is handicapped and three legged, but loves to chase a ball. It’s all a magic because happiness and love can simply be found anywhere. And getting a damaged person fixed is no a greatest humanity.

Affectionate cat helps patients


A cat named Tom, solaces veterans who are suffering from serious ailment or are near to death at Virginia Hospital. He would often comfort patients by curling up next to them or by meowing politely to make them feel home. Very less cats are seen heartening patients or their owners. Yet it’s so good to know that animals like these are sent as angels for those who need them the most.

Sharing kindness


A golden retriever Louboutina who lives in New York is gaining popularity and affection by her dearest acts. This amiable, affectionate dog loves gratifying people whether or not strangers and even poses with them on the streets. Her friendliness and playfulness has won the hearts of so many. Moreover, after the terrific night club attack in Orlando, most of the golden retrievers landed in from different part of the world to console and cheer up the survivors and the citizens. These dogs are great listeners and prove to be angels in such devastating circumstances. They’re main purpose is to love, solace and help people in removing their scars and making them better and happier than yesterday.

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