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Finding Dory, the biggest animated movies of all time.


Finding Dory, one of the most happening movies of 2016 is a 3D animated comedy, drama adventure that revolves around a naïve, affectionate, slow witted blue-colored fish named Dory. Finding Dory has not only done a huge triumph exclusively but has also grossed over $1 billion universally.

Dory has this amnesiac problem since child hood .Though she is a sweet heart and super slow, yet she would forget things in seconds and because of her short term memory loss, she finds out a couple of twists and turns in her journey. Back in Finding Nemo, separated from her parents, alone and lost, she unknowingly meets Marlin a clownfish, and helps him searching for his son Nemo and proves a great help in finding the young Nemo.

One year after the reunion of the father and son, Dory while giving a lesson to Nemo’s class unexpectedly travels through her childhood flashback that she has a family but sadly had been separated from them since she was a kid. And since then she was unable to find home and her parents who must be looking for her too. She decides to look for them but finds her short term memory loss to be an obstacle. She only remembers that she lived at the jewel of Moral Bay where she loved playing with sea shells.


Dory finally sets of on her journey where Marlin and Nemo accompany her till California. But soon give up as they find it hard and dangerous to make it to the ocean where the underwater life was far more diverse and deadly. Alone and hurt, Dory travels to the surface to seek help but gets caught by some fisher men from a nearby Marine life. They tag her and sent her to the quarantine section. Meanwhile, she meets a seven-legged octopus named hank who seems an irritable yet fruitful fellow. Tired of the disturbing ocean life, he wants to stay in the aquarium and exchange tags with Dori. According to her tag, they would send her to Cleveland where she’ll be kept in an aquarium for life time. So the octopus agrees to help her cross her journey in exchange for her tag.


In the meantime, Dory meets a very dear childhood friend named Destiny, a whale shark who had spent a wonderful time communicating with each other through pipes. Likewise, Dory encounters danger, help, fun loving moments, memory loss and continuous flash backs throughout her journey. Destiny helps her make it through the pipes and guides her to the most difficult tunnels ever till she finds her own way to the dark side of the ocean alone and frightened. There she meets Marlin and Nemo, stays with them for some time but loses them again flushed by drainage accidently. Hopeless and tired, she keeps on wandering and recalling her past and comes across a trail of seashells. She tried to reminisce her childhood when her parents would set a similar trail for her and teach how to get back home following the shells. On reaching the last shell, she finds nothing but darkness. She turns to leave the ocean, but all of a sudden she sees two figures from a distance. On getting closer, she finds out that they’re no strangers but her long lost parents. Delightful and joyful, she reunites with them.


In the end, she returns to the ocean with Marlin and Nemo where she had spent a lovely precious time with all the marine friends.

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