Handy Car Hacks To Help Survive The Winter


Winter is here and so are we. Most of us like winters but there are others who like summers. Why like winter because I just like it? No there is a strong reason behind that and that reason is all the blanket we have to use, bonfire, new jackets, long shoes and everything we have to wear I just love it. Another thing which is more important is cleaning your car when its jam packed in snow. We have to escape our beds in order to remove the snow from our cars that’s the perfect moment of the winter season right?.

I don’t know about yours but it’s mine. So you have to be ready for snowy season. Here are some hacks that you can use to get through the snow season, I hope you like it.

And make sure you tell all your friends and family and share these hacks with anyone who is in your circle.

No ice Scrapper no woories…

No ice scraper? No problem. Just use your credit card as an ice scraper and you are good to go. You have to make a little more effort but it will work. So don’t just use your credit card for paying bills and for shopping, use it to remove ice from your car.


Park your car facing east. 

It’s a very good way to defrost your screen in the morning. And you don’t have to make a lot of effort to remove the ice from your window screen. But when you park make sure you pray that there will be no clouds in the morning.


Cover side mirrors with plastic bags.

If you want to make sure that you don’t have to do a lot of work in the morning then you need to be very smart. All you have to do in the night while parking your vehicle is use plastic bags around your side mirrors so that you can easily remove those bags and use your side mirrors.


Clean your headlight.

In winters when there are all fog and you pray you can look 15-20 meter ahead easily. All you have to do is clear your headlights. Use toothpaste in order to clean the headlight and make them clear.


Apply wax. 

Wax can be very good in winters on lights. Because it prevents snow and water to stick on headlight.


Keep a pair of socks in the glove box

As I mentioned earlier that you can use plastic bags for side mirrors, same in the case of windshield wipers you can use your socks to prevent from ice.

Just raise your wipers and cover them with socks.

You can also use socks when there is slippery road all you have to do is apply them over your shoes. You can easily walk on the slippery ice.


Buy couple of large bags of cat litter in your car. 

These are very useful in winter, just put it back in the trunk. It will put weight on your tires and give more grip so you can easily avoid the slippery icy area.

Or if you stuck at some point just spread some under the tires or under your feet to avoid any difficulties.


You can also use your floor mats if you get stuck, too. 

Floor mats can also come in handy when you are stuck in ice. Just put them under your tires, it will give your tires more grip and power.


Always be prepared. 

Whether its winters or summers you have to keep emergency kit every time. Anything can happen any time. So before anything happen make sure you are ready. But in winters you must carry your emergency kit with yourself all the time. Rope, blanket, gloves, ice scraper, mat, food, torch light and any other thing which is handy and useful in winter season.



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