7 Most Common Grooming Mistakes Women Make

Women also makes mistakes when trying to do different things. Its basically because lake of experience how they handle the items.

Here are some points women keeps on doing while grooming.

  1. Keep all your brushes clean:
    If you don’t clean your things on time then it will be very difficult for you to recover it. Its one of the basic job to clean the brushes and all other items on time. If you don’t then you will face the consequences, like first if you don’t clean your makeup brush it slowly decreases the life and second when you use your un-cleaned brushes it contains germs and other bacteria that can damage your skin.So clean your brush at-least once in a week.



          2. You don’t need to shampoo your hair daily:

Shampooing your hairs daily isn’t a good decision. It does clean your hair but if you apply continuously it will harm your hairs. You need to give time to your hairs from these chemicals.



  1. Too much conditioner can be harmful:
    don’t use too much conditioner on your scalp as it is healthier and don’t need too much conditioner but try to put on tip of your hairs.

Young lady showing her hair with shampoo


  1. Take care of your neck just like your face:
    some skins are more sensitive than others. Some changes colors very quickly but it took time for some to maintain the color balance.So keep in mind that you need same color for your whole skin, you don’t want to look like a clown.I have seen many women who have nice and clear face but when you look at the neck the color changed.So whenever you try some moisturizer on make sure you apply it on neck also so the softness of face and neck remains.



  1. Do your makeup patiently:
    Don’t rush while doing makeup. Give proper time in every steps. Like if you are trying to apply moisturizer before foundation then you need to let the moister dry otherwise the foundation won’t work properly and it will give you a barred look. So patience is the key for a finest makeup.




  1. Use a protector before styling hair:
    Protect your hair no matter what, it’s the only thing that can make you from zero to hero. Beautiful hairs make everyone great.So whenever you use hair straightener or any other heat element on your hair make sure you have a protection. There is no excuse in that.



  1. Plucking eyebrows too close to the mirror:
    don’t go too near to the mirror when you are plucking eyebrows. Yes it will clear everything and you will be able to see each and every hair separately but you will unable to see the wider look of your eyebrows. You will damage disturb everything.So advice is use a medium size or a large one where you can see you eyebrows and how they are looking and also easily do the plucking’s.




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