7 Mens Mistake

When it comes to fashion sense everybody starts thinking and pin pointing what the women do. What they are wearing, how attractive they are looking while applying makeup, is there makeup is too bold or simple and many more. These are all the points raised by men’s.

But going to work and don’t get properly ready for it is not a very good behavior as well and to be honest mostly men’s don’t follow this. Men’s keep committing crimes by making plenty of error on workplace.

What Men’s must do is:

  1. Messy nails
    Mostly men’s don’t have properly neat and trimmed nails. When its related to work place its very bad for the company. This behavior is not acceptable in any organization that wants to maintain their corporate image.



  1. Patchy chest hair

Yes, men’s do have hairs on the chest, but it needs to be handled properly. Mostly men’s with patchy hairs tend to open their top button and it’s not look cool. It’s very disturbing for your colleagues.You need to handle it by wearing vest or secure your top button. Believe me it will look good and bring a grace as well.



       3. Dry skin
No doubt the companies who are selling beauty products are focusing on women’s but it does not mean you don’t have any product to apply on your dry skin. You need to properly moisturize your body.



  1. Disruptive body hair
    Your extra hairs which is noticeable by everyone and you cannot hide them until or unless you cut them off. It’s yours Nose hairs, eyebrows and ear hairs.They all need to be trimmed so that you look like a real gentleman.


  1. Untidy facial hair
    Remember to keep trimming your facial hair and keep it neat.While on the job you keep changing your style but what matter is all the cleanness on your body.



  1. Patchy balding hair

    when you are going bald its not up to you, it’s the environment which you are living and the water you are using. So it’s up to you whether go full bald or go for the treatment.But remember if you wanted to go bald then try to maintain the bald look. You need to care your scalp. It’s not like, that you are now bald and don’t need to do anything. Stick with your decision



  1. Poor scalp maintenance
    so when you decided to go bald then you need to apply proper moister it otherwise it will look very dry and rough. You need to proper maintain your scalp, otherwise if you are sitting with your colleagues and your head is dry then believe it looks very embarrassing.




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